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The Best Indian Tiffin Service in the UK

Dive into the rich world of Indian tiffin services in the UK, and learn how V-GIYAN is elevating the experience. Combining the authenticity of North Indian cuisine with a commitment to freshness, V-GIYAN stands apart in a market seeking true culinary delights.

Railway curry with fresh mint

What is Railway Curry?

Railway curry is a huge historical significance as it was created to serve the British Raj. We are proud to have turned it upside down by creating a new vegan classic and serving it the Punjabi way.

Baingan Masala – A Must For Aubergine Lovers!

Baingan masala is a must for aubergine lovers. Packed with nutrients,our veganized version of this classy and historical Indian dish has proven to be a real winner.

Indian meal dal makhani

Learn about Vegan Dal Makhani

Ever wondered if dal makhani is vegan? well if it wasn’t, it is now. Learn about V-GIyan’s pioneering 100% plant-based take on this classic Indian dish.