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Our Catering Background

Over the past 20 years we have provided lots of catering services from multi-cultural weddings to festivals and live music events with over 200 guests. Equally we have catered for numerous smaller parties such as work lunches, birthdays and even funeral wakes. We are highly experienced in composing bespoke menu’s which deliver the wow factor and are also purposely designed to deliver the best possible quality and adapt to the given environment whether it be a large field, back garden or village hall. In our past culinary experiences we operated very large restaurants which seated 200 or more, so have the Giyan (means wisdom) from this experience and are not phased by volume as we always operate with a robust process. Our menu and food lends well to groups and communal dining as the food itself is traditionally enjoyed that way. We are always open to our customers suggestions and look best at how to serve them. We recently catered for the renowned OM & Bass Yoga Retreats and festivals in Oxfordshire and we were so grateful when we were told that we were by far the best food provider since they commenced five years ago… It was a moment of pride for Team V-Giyan.

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