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Order before 1pm for next day delivery.  If you order after 1pm then your food will be made fresh the following day and you would receive it the day after.  e.g. Order Tuesday at 5pm and receive it Thursday. 

Always order in advance if possible as you can then choose your preferred delivery date and do not need to worry about daily cut off times. You can choose a future date up to 90 days ahead at checkout.

Our delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week. If you order before 1pm, you will receive your delivery the next day. If you order after 1pm, it will be sent on the folllowing delivery day.
You can specify a future date (up to 60 days ahead) by simply entering your requested date in the delivery instructions box. We will then add your order to the schedule of production and dispatch for that day instead.

Please plan ahead, if possible. We hate to think of disappointed customers.

Easy. We’ll send you a text message (if you opt’d in) and email you an order confirmation to let you know when your dishes have been freshly prepared. You’ll receive a further notification via text and email to let you know your order is ready. We’ll also send you confirmation that your order has been dispatched. DPD will then send further updates all the way up to you receiving your food. 

We deliver anywhere in the UK.(Excluding Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland). Fear not if you live in the sticks as we serve many wonderful people in rural villages (pind folk as we say in Punjabi) not just all you lovely town and city folk too!

The earliest we deliver is next day service, if orders are placed before 1pm.

Why next day? That’s because all our food is made fresh and generally slow cooked. This helps preserve the goodness of the ingredients as well as lowering food waste and carbon emissions.

Completly plastic free and in recyclable and biodegrdable tubs and lids. It is all freshly prepared and chilled down and then packed to order in-house by our team. When it is time to dispatch we put your order in a special  temperature controlled outer box to keep it cool and send it to you. 

V-GIYAN 5 Star food hygiene rating awarded by Cherwell District Council

We are rated by the food standards agency. All members of our culinary team are highly experienced in food hygiene and safety and have a minimum of a Level 3 in Food Hygiene. We use a strict HACCP (food safety) system and, as a completely plant-based business, we do not handle any meat or dairy products at all on our premises.

We are registered with Cherwell district council as a food business.

All of our food is produced at our 100% vegan kitchen at Upper Campsfield Farm in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. 

It’s 100% vegan certified by Vegan Friendly UK. We are proud to say it is the central hub for all of our food production, packing and dispatching. 


Absolutely. When you go to the menu, the allergen information is provided in each dish description. We also provide full ingredients, allergen information and heating instructions on each individual container so you can eat and enjoy safely. 

We have lots of nut-free and gluten-free options included in our menu and we have special categories already set up for those too.


Our production and packing environment handles gluten, soy, sesame, mustard and tree nuts. Items with any of the above allergens are packaged and stored in isolated conditions.

For rare or severe allergies, please contact us and we will always do our best to help.


Feel free to use the page below to scan every item in detail.

View our allergen and ingredients list

Heating instructions are clearly displayed on each item page and on the container. All containers come with a standard microwave time, or you can warm it on a hob or in an oven and some items are also great in the air fryer. There are many ways to serve our food when you having a gathering or larger meal. You can learn more on the following page:  How to heat up food


Fear not, all of our items can be heated in the oven or saucepan also and come with full heating instructions. 

Ideally yes, as soon as you receive the box. Simply take out the containers and stack them ready for when you need them. You could heat them straight away or put them in the freezer, as they all come fresh chilled. Once you have opened the box the temperature controlled conditions we have set for their delivery ends so you have up to 2 hours to do any of the above. We always recommend straight away in any case.

They absolutely can. In fact, many of our regulars buy for the month ahead and eat their meals later. We always recommend that dishes are frozen before the use-by date, which on average is 2 days after delivery.

Not unless you want it to be. Almost 75% of our ready meals are mild with spiced tones and you can actually  filter our menu selection to choose mild, medium or hot dishes. On the whole, Punjabi food, which is the foundation of our cooking style, isn’t very spicy.

All our main food containers ideally provide a large 2 serving portion (about 3 or 4 good ladles worth). If you are buying for 1, you can always store/freeze some of your meal. Our food is so fresh and our cooking process preserves the flavours so well, it’s perfect for splitting into portions so you can eat later.

It certainly is. We are 100% vegan and 100% plant based. In some cases, we may use a dairy substitute to help maintain traditional textures and flavours, but these will always be dairy free.

We do not use peanuts in any of our recipes or cooking processes whatsoever. But we do use cashew nuts, almonds and sesame in some dishes which are classed as tree nuts under the 14 allergens. However, these are clearly labelled and can be filtered out of the menu by choosing the nut-free category when searching through the dishes.

We would always say no. We are vegan in name and nature and our whole ethos is based on being plant-based. We would not compromise our values for the sake of profit so please do not ask us to. 

Our vegan Punjabi food is prepared slowly using traditional methods and modern equipment. This allows all those beautiful flavours to come together and provide an authentic vegan Punjabi eating experience. As with many things in life, there’s always a trade-off between being fast and sacrificing quality.

Of course. It’s part of our mission to keep everything as local as possible. We currently use produce from Oxfordshire Chilli Garden, Witney as well as local produce grown by Cultivate, among others. We are also proud members of Independent Oxford and Good Food Oxford which focuses on local sustainability. We also use OX3 Greens, who vertically-farm our micro-herbs.

All our meals come in compostable kraft (recycled paper) containers, which have a deep volume and are fully recyclable, biodegradable, microwaveable and leak proof. The tubs are also double vented so they can be used in a microwave or oven. They’re even suitable for freezing. Heating instructions and allergen information are all clearly displayed on each dish.

Yes, we have a wide range of items which are gluten free. Simply use the filter on the menu and it will show you all of the items which are gluten free. Furthermore, all of our food is packed to order and each item has the ingredients on the product sleeve so there is minimal risk to you.

Yes we do for sure, there is a filter on the menu for onion and garlic free. 

Unfortunately, we cannot do so. We generally cook in large volumes and our recipes have taken many years to perfect and are followed rigourously in our production kitchen to maintain consistency and quality. Also, for legislative purposes we display our ingredients on each item so it would not be possible to change them for an ad hoc order. There is lots to choose from so hopefully you will find something you like.

All of our main size items include two servings. As the food is fresh you can easily take out what you need and store the rest for later. It is not commercially viable for us to produce small mains as the with the increased costs in general we all face, it makes it commercially unviable for us.

Yes absolutely! breaking the stereotype of Indian food always being hot and spicy is part of what we aim to do. You can filter our menu for mild options as 70% of the dishes are in this category. We are happy to say we have longstanding customers who have young children who love our food and equally a 99 year old lady who loves our dal’s and finds them easy on the palette.

Although we are closed on Sunday and Monday for delivery, many of regular customers order food for Friday/Saturday delivery and then keep it in the fridge ready for Sunday lunch or even for Monday. The items have an average of 2 days fridge life before you would need to freeze or consume them at latest.

Looking for helpful tips on how to heat and serve?

We provide all of the information on every product description including nutritional information and on every product sleeve also. You can also visit our dedicated page for hints and tips on heating for larger groups of people or serving small portions to control food waste.

Ready to order? Here are some fan-faves from our appetisers. The perfect way to start your meal

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