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Our Story

From an inspired kitchen table idea back in 2019 to becoming the UK’s first fresh, direct and 100% plant-based Indian food delivery service. Combining traditional Indian home-style cooking with modern gastronomy, we’re on a mission to share the Giyan (wisdom) of plant-based eating. Our team prides itself on bringing the freshest of foods, the fullest of flavours and best of health to all.

Our Mission Statement

V-Giyan in ancient Sanskrit means scientific truth that leads to wisdom.

At V-GIYAN, we are advocates for natural produce and vegan wisdom that awakens contentment and compassion. Our decision to be 100% plant based and use only natural ingredients is based on three clear, proven points:

Mother Earth needs our help and time is of the essence. Even the smallest change, like a meat-free day, will help make a significant difference if enough of us care to do it. Let’s change the future of our planet and our food… together.

Meet the team

Bal and his family are based in rural Oxfordshire, but their origins stretch right back to the Punjab in India. Back then, Bal’s foremothers and forefathers were farmers who lived solely on the plants they raised. Now that rich cultural history of living in harmony with the land is at the very heart of what we do. Whether it’s creating innovative new vegan tastes, or breathing life into recipes long thought gone, we’re on a pioneering foodie adventure to prove that 100% plant-based cuisine really does have something for everyone. 

Bal Gill in chef jacket holding vegan indian food
Founder and head chef Bal Gill

Our approach is not one to rush our food. We take care to make sure everything reaches our customers in tip-top condition. We are super proud of our kitchen team

Things we do for love and compassion
Supporting Viva! Vegan Charity

We are proud to be a business supporter of Viva! vegan charity led by the inspirational Juliet Gellatley. 

Mossie our brand ambassador visiting Merrick the sheep we sponsor
Our brand ambassador Mossie visiting Merrick

We proudly sponsor Merrick the sheep at the F.A.R.S (farm animal rescue sanctuary) in Warwickshire

Sponsoring Man vs Fat football

We are proud to sponsor the Bicester man vs fat football team. They do love a vegan curry after a match!

Help through Education in Punjab

We set up our own initiative to help girls from poverty stricken homes in Punjab to access quality education.

Om & Bass Festivals Oxfordshire

We are happy to be the designated catering for the annual gatherings and provide all natural food to the masses.

The Founder Story

Three years ago, during the lockdown, life seemed to have thrown me into a raging wildfire. I was without work, faced financial challenges, and felt trapped in my own cascade of thoughts. But as time revealed, life was simply clearing away what wasn’t necessary, making room for new beginnings. I found myself immersed in introspection, and it was during these moments of meditation that a realization dawned upon me: everything I was searching for was already around me. This sense of contentment led me back to my kitchen and sparked my passion to create digitally on my laptop. Reflecting on this journey, filled with its highs and lows, there’s always been an underlying sense of synchronicity. It’s as if this was the path I was meant to tread. And those challenging times? They were nothing but life reshaping my destiny.

As the old saying goes, “overnight success takes many years of hard work” and I can honestly say the best advice I can give to any budding plantrepreneurs is just keep going and don’t give up. Take failures as lessons, be humble in good times, and always be appreciative of what life gives.

Here is my story and the path that led me to create V-GIYAN.
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