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Showing 25–26 of 26 results

Sharing the gift of ‘Giyan’ in our authentic and vibrant vegan curries

Each curry embodies ‘Giyan,’ the Punjabi word for wisdom. It’s the fusion of tradition and innovation in our vegan kitchen. Our menu is like a time machine, taking you back with age-old dishes such as kadhi pakora. Then  returning to the here and now with innovative creations like our coconut mushroom curry and the baked butternut, apricot, and chickpea curry.

A sustainable and modern approach to the classic Indain tiffin service.

Beyond main courses, we offer an array of super-tasty appetisers, rice dishes, and a diverse palette of pickles and chutneys, crafted with the same passion and vigour to to serve you with a finely curated culinary experience. Want to learn more about Indian tiffin services here? read our blog post all about them.