Vegan Tandoori Prawns


Ocean-friendly tandoori-style vegan prawns marinated and roasted in spices

We were inspired to make our Vegan Tandoori Prawns after watching the Seaspiracy documentary on Netflix and witnessing the plight of Ocean life in our current climate.

These vegan prawns are very good in mimicking the texture of real prawns and are made with shiitake mushroom and kelp proteins. We have tossed them into a lovely tandoori masala which enhances the spices with which we have marinated and roasted them. They are a lovely side dish to add to your meal and make a great and current topic to discuss over the table.

Portions Size: 400g

Spice Rating: Medium

Ingredients and Allergens

Produced in an environment that handles gluten, soy, sesame, mustard and tree nuts. Items with any of the above allergens are packaged and stored in isolated conditions.

Nutrition Information

How to heat

MICROWAVE – place on a microwaveable plate and heat for 3 mins (850w)

HOB – Simply place on a dry pan with medium heat and cook until warm through, turning occasionally.


Use by date given is for fresh delivery

Suitable for freezing and reheating (Defrost for 24 hours before reheating)

Keep in same container as it is freezer safe or move to your own if required.

Packaging and recycling

Our tubs are made with from Kraft recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. They are also biodegradable (in 180days) and compostable as they are made from sustainable board with a plant based PLA lining.

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Our commitment to you

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