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Recycling with V-Giyan: A Guide to Recycling Our Packaging

In harmony with Mother Earth, this page will guide you on how to lovingly recycle each element of our packaging to the recycling cycle. Embracing the spirit of circularity, we also welcome back non-spoiled sleeves, offering a volume-based reciprocal discount for your mindful efforts. This gesture not only rewards your commitment but also keeps our packaging in a loving embrace with Mother Earth, completing the circle of sustainability when you next savour our meals

How to recycle each element of our packaging - It's all plastic free and you can even send some of it back for a discount next time!

Plastic free packaging

The principal raw material is cellulose derived from wood pulp i.e. paper, sourced from responsibly-managed forests. It is both compostable and biodegradable and is perfectly safe to go in the food waste bin.

Compostable food tubs and lids

Our tubs and lids with which we send your food in are all biodegrdable and compostable too. Always rinse them to remove any food debris before you recycle them. They are coated with a plant-based starch for lining and decompose in around 180 days.

Item sleeves - Send them back and get money off

They are made from recycled paper and can be recycled with your general waste as they also have an element of aluminum foiling. Alternatively, if they are not spoiled and still in tip top condition then you can return them to us by 2nd class post and we will give you a nice discount including your postage and packing for doing so!

Yep! you guessed it! the entire box and contents is pastic free and recyclable

Our boxes can be recycled easily and are accepted for kerbside cardboard recycling by all local authorities in the UK. The tape used to seal the box can be left on also.

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