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Thinking planet before plate

A sustainably minded approach to Indian food delivery. 

We believe that urgent and holistic action is required to tackle climate change and we recognise the need to do more to reduce carbon emissions. We are committed to act in line with the 2017 Paris Agreement’s stretch goal of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. For this reason, we are in the process of setting ourselves the target of being Net Zero Carbon within our direct operations.

Our meals are super-tasty, healthy and highly sustainable. Eating just 1 plant-based meal a week for a whole year saves around 200kg of CO2. This is the of equivalent of driving to from Oxford to Italy!

The high consumption of meat by people eating standard Indian takeaway food is a big part of the reason why factory farming has become so prominent in the past 20 years in the UK. The cheap grade and quality of meat is only the tip of the iceberg. As Indian takeaways are squeezed more and more for their margins they continue to source this unethical and unhealthy produce. To counter this and offer an alternative, we invested significant R & D to produce dishes which are flavoursome and match the textures. The long term future of this planet is directly linked to ending factory farming and so we are pioneering this in Oxfordshire.

In 2021, we signed the Good Food Oxford Charter which shares our vision for a better future and supports us with knowledge and actionable commitments to reduce carbon emissions. The vision includes the following:

1) Reducing greenhouse gas emissions at all points in the food cycle, from field to fork.

2) Supporting practices that preserve and enhance ecosystems and promote higher animal welfare.

3) Committing to cut packaging and food waste and increase recycling and composting.

Careful thought and consideration was given to all areas of our business before we launched in 2020. One of the key considerations was whether it would be possible to be zero plastic and even more fully compostable. This was not easy as at the time as there were not many plastic-free containers available to suitably carry our food and in particular curry dishes because of the density and liquid. We did however through many hours of research find suitable eco-friendly containers. We then conducted rigorous testing for heating, transporting and freezing and had to pass many tests. We took this a step further and made all of our labelling from Kraft recycled paper and all of our boxes were fully compostable. In the end, we managed to achieve all our aims.

A statement of responsibility from our primary packaging supplier and the foremost reason why we chose them:

“Our raw materials are European Nordic forests, among the most pristine areas of our planet. These are non-intensive, non-food renewable resources that do not use pesticides, fertilizers and artificial watering for their growth. It is about certified and well-managed forests where biodiversity is preserved. All our choices are taken with the aim of minimizing our environmental impact in the supply chain, in our production and in the waste management of our trays. They are a perfect example of circular economy: trays and dishes made out of renewable materials, used for preserving and eating food collected in compostable waste without separation, turning then into compost that is used back into agriculture by replacing non-renewable fertilizers. We ideally close the carbon loop in a never ending and natural circle.”

We have managed to build a purely local supplier network with none of our produce being sourced from anywhere more than 40 miles away. We have added vertically farmed micro coriander to our menu which is grown only 4 miles away from our base and also Oxfordshire Chilies which are grown near Witney. All of our dried herbs and spices are also sourced from local suppliers where mileage is kept minimal with a bulk order.

Our business model was created with food waste control at its heart. We have managed to significantly reduce our food waste by having advanced ordering capabilities for customers and digital stock and production systems. Our off-cuts from fruit and vegetables are actually used to feed chickens and ducks in our local village.

Thanks to our partners Velocity Cycle Couriers and DPD Local, we’re keeping our delivery emissions to zero. We schedule our deliveries each day and try not to travel the same route twice. We’re grateful for our customers who get this and understand the bigger picture.



We achieved a Carbon A rating from the UK’s leading carbon data analysis company This is a big deal in the Indian food business in the UK because we reached net zero carbon in just our first 3 years. Did you know that 26% of worldwide GHG emissions are because of food? Lowering these emissions is a big step in taking care of our Earth. Our humble business surpassed many big brands and 90% of food outlets on the likes of Just Eat and deliveroo.  We were scored not only on transport but also on produce sourcing, kitchen practises and various other metrics.

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